the secrets to building your own solar energy for under 200$

lundi 17 août 2009

"Is It Easy To Make Solar Panels?"

"Is It Easy To Make Solar Panels?"

Solar panels do seem complicated but when you know the basics of it you will understand just how easy it is to work with. All you really need is a "solar mentor" and that's where I come in.

A few years ago I started looking into solar energy. Just like you, I started with an online search on how I could save money with solar electricity.

I was astounded when I was given a quote of $28,000 for a simple installation on my home. This was simply too much for me to afford and the pay back time was far too long. This prompted me to do some research into how the solar panels are created and how I could make them myself.

I soon realized it was possible to make solar panels for MUCH cheaper then retail prices. Moreover, it was actually easier than I thought!

I searched and searched online for an easy to follow guide but there just wasn't anything available. You have probably done the same thing and visited the same web sites I did.

All of the web sites and guides I came across had confusing diagrams and they were not very easy to follow. I wanted something that was completely step-by-step.

That's when I decided to developed this guide with my close friend Mark (A solar nut!).

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the secrets to building your own solar energy for under 200$